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Faith Builders:

Are You a “He Who”? (Motivation for Sharing Your Faith)

My Thanksgiving Prayer (Communicating with Heaven’s Residents)

Never Give Up! (Determination!)

Turn! (Repentance)

Gleason’s Bible (Wearing out your Bible!)

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Childhood memories of praying)

Out Behind the Barn! (How to have Assurance of Salvation)

I Believe I Got a Miracle! (A story of answered prayer)

Recharge Your Batteries (Change Your Routine)

Evangelism – Share Your Faith! (The Lost Gospel)

Losing the Wonder? (Repentance Prayer)

What’s In A Name? (Making A Lasting Difference)

Just Don’t Do It! (Forgiveness)

A Godly Thing! (Forgiveness #2)

What Was I Thinking? (Meditation)

A Bride for Isaac (Finding God’s Will)

You Were At the Cross! (Victory over Sin!)

What Is Church? (Church Attendance)

There’s Something About Glory (Worship)

Out of This World! (Living Your Faith)

Silent Night (Peace with God)

Blessings Missed! (Prayer)

Feed the White Dog! (Bible Reading)

You Can Trust It! (Trust the Bible!)

My B-I-B-L-E (The Bible’s Impact)

But God! (Trials of Life)

Burning Hearts (Loving the Word)

Brother from Another Mother! (Divine Appointments)

Why Me Lord? (Trusting Through Trials)

The “Plus 30” Plan (How to Grow in the Lord)

O Most High (Church Attendance)

The Pointy Rocks (Adversity)

Your Wilderness (Alone with God)

Your Destiny (Seeking the Lord)

Be Bold! (Witness for Jesus)

Let it go! Let it go! (Drink Poison or Forgive!)

Celebrating Easter

Resurrected Lives (Preacher Boy)

My Substitute (Why Easter?)

Hand Me that Egg! (The Crucifixion)

You Were At the Cross! (Your Victory Awaits!)


Grandma Series:

Grandma’s Hospitality (Come and Dine!)

Grandma, A Pearl of Great Price! (Her Lasting Legacy)

Grandma Remembers! (Recalling God’s Blessings)

Grandma Pays It Forward (Giving Unconditional Love)

Grandma’s Country Christmas (How She Celebrated)

Grandma said, Give Thanks! (Thanksgiving Story)

Grandma’s Sanctuary (Her Wonderful Home)

Grandma’s Diary (Her Life for All to see)

Gus Anderson (How She Loved Her Neighbors)

The Blue Eyed Six Series:

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp.1 (Israel Brandt)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 2 (Henry Wise)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 3 (Jesiah Hummel)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 4 (George Zechman)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 5 (Charles Drews)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 6 (Franklin Stichler)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 7 (The Story)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 8 (The Trial Day One)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 9 (Trial Day Two)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 10 (Trial Days 3&4)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 11 (Day 5&6 The Defense)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 12 (Confessions)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 13 (Zechman Re-Trial)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 14 (Prison Angels)

Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp 15 (The End)

Our Times:

Presidential Prayer (For our Nation)

In Times Like These (Peace in a Peaceless World)

Signs of the Times (There is Light in Darkness)

The Real Story – Take Two (School Shootings)

Wow! What a Country! (Celebrating the 4th)

The Hands of Jesus (Leaving Your Lasting Impression)

Eternal Life:

Larry’s Story (Brother Larry’s testimony)

Fixing the Life Itch! (Riches don’t satisfy)

White As Snow! (Erasing old sins)

The Quiet City (Hope In a Cemetery!)

Guaranteed Reservation in Heaven! (God’s Simple Plan of Salvation)

The Search (Guess who’s looking for you?)


A Beautiful Soul! (Tribute to our Niece Heather Faith Wagner)

Uncle Snack – Forever Friend (Tribute to my Uncle Wayne Anspach)

My Brother Laramie (Tribute to my Brother Larry Wolfe)

My Cousin Susie  (Tribute to Susan King)

My Friend Luke (Tribute to Luke Wagner)

My Mom, Irene Violet Wolfe (My Mother’s Day Tribute)

Ezra & the Angels (My friend Ezra Hower)

The Rock (My Uncle “Junior” Clarence Wolfe)

Da-Heat! (My Dear Friend John Sebastain)

Thank You! (Tribute to Veterans)

The 5th Commandment (Honoring my Father Warren Wolfe)

My Second Mom (Honoring Laura Anspach)

My Life Story:

My Life A Miracle

Bud’s Beginning (My Family Roots)

Bud’s Haven (My Escape to Nature)

Bud and the Band (My Experience with “The Entertainers”)

Bud and His Sweetie (Me & the Love of My Life!)

Bud’s Decision and Destiny (How God Tracked Me Down)

Looking Back:

One Stop Shopping – Country Style (My Great Grampa’s Store)

When I’m Sixty Four! (Me & My Twin Brother)

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