Grandma Remembers!


Another year rolls by and with time the years seem to roll forward at increasing speed. Babies are born, knees are skinned, fenders bent, vows are made, clocks are punched, taxes paid, prescriptions filled. Then one day someone calls you Gramps or Me-Maw and there’s a shorter distance to the end than the beginning, but it’s all good and good to remember and to think back.

One day my Grandma contemplated about her storied life. She was married as a young teenager, to a strapping lantern jawed young man who would demonstrate what it was like to live on the wild side so to speak, and it wasn’t always fun. He ruled like a dictator and his word was the end of the story. When he said jump you jumped, and didn’t ask how high but jumped with all your might. Thinking back about her life she once said, “You know, I’ve had three lives, one short life before Pop, one life with Pop and one since he’s gone, and I liked the last one the best! No more packing lunch, my house remodeled, I got to travel, I enjoyed my kids and grandkids and I didn’t have to get Pop off to work or worry what to cook.”

Grandma always summarized her year at the end of her diaries like this entry: “1970 was a very good year for me. I count my many blessings. In April I got my teeth fixed by a very wonderful dentist. Totty took me and she really deserves the credit. And in July we were given a new minister to our church, Rev Gary Epler. He is a very dedicated man. Two new grandsons were born this year Jared & Eric Wolfe, 2 sweet babies! Thanksgiving and Christmas were very good days. My family gathered together and we had a good feast. Larry had a narrow escape Dec 24th. His car was demolished. He got out with a few scratches. Thank you Lord for all the wonderful days you have given me. Amen.”

Another closing activity usually on the back page was to list all those who passed from this life into eternity that year. Sounds kind of morbid but if you knew Grandma it really wasn’t. You see, she treasured people and the lives they lived. She knew bad times and good times and she knew that they were just like her, plus she cared for each one in her own way. It was her way of giving a memorial, remembering, that’s it remembering! We all want to be remembered don’t we?

We’ve raised three wonderful sons and I can still remember when our oldest left home (for the last time:) to be married to his wonderful bride. We were carrying things from his bedroom to the loading truck, back and forth, back and forth, until finally he stood before me holding the last box and said, “Well, this is it!” It was like a flash through my mind, this WAS it, twenty some years all wrapped up in this one last box! Another “three-lives” story turning a page.

Well folks, these true life stories tend to touch the heart, make you reminisce and maybe even make you a bit sad, but we must also remember that in the LORD all is good! Living with HIM in your life is the abundant life and putting your faith in Him leads to an eternal life with Him! He gives year after year so faithfully and then greets us in His presence with rejoicing on streets of gold. Let’s rejoice in Him in 2017! May you have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

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