Fight On!

Lion of Judah

I watched the movie “Darkest Hour” this weekend. It renewed my passion for standing up against evil. Winston Churchill was about to go along with the appeasers and the weak-willed politicians in his government in potentially negotiating a supposed truce with Hitler. He was badgered on all sides, even his King was not sure of his competence. His closest advisors began to waver. He began to second-guess his convictions. But then he went out among his people, those he was elected to represent and found out that they were brave, patriotic and defiant and willing to give their lives for FREEDOM!

He returned to his fellow politicians SO inspired and renewed, that he inspired THEM with such a rousing speech of action and defiance against evil that they made a complete turnabout and willed to FIGHT ON! We know the result… Western civilization was saved and EVIL was ultimately defeated. We live under the umbrella of that inspiration!

Evil is still all around us and it will attack and destroy the good, the faithful, the virtuous. The Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. It still takes men and women of God to defeat evil. Our families are worth defending, our schools, our towns, our communities, our country and most of all our FAITH.

I remember over 25 years ago a group of us in our community stood up for righteousness and for the proper education of our children in our public school. We were overwhelmingly elected to lead, and then God led us to implement programs and policies that set a new course, that included instructing and forming not just the minds but the hearts of our student population. We established “In God We Trust” as our number one “Time Honored Tradition”. We implemented a “Code of Ethics” and taught our students 10 virtues to mirror in their daily lives. That legacy lives on and the baton is now being carried by others.

How about you? Are you leading? Are you impacting your family, your world? The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, our Lord Jesus Christ lives and reigns today and he offers, forgiveness, salvation and inspiration to go and preach the Gospel, to change lives, to heal the sick and brokenhearted, to change your world. To shine as it were a light so that all can see.

Fight On!

My Friend Luke

Luke Wagner

My good friend Luke Wagner and brother in the Lord has gone to be with his Savior! I met Luke many years ago and fellowshipped with him at my church for the last 20+ years. Luke was a wonderful Christian man! He knew Jesus personally and anyone meeting him could tell of his strong faith. He was humble, steadfast, faithful, always encouraging with a positive word to say.

Luke made his living as a stone mason and led a crew of volunteers to lay the mountain stone that surrounds our place of worship, North Annville Bible Church. I served with him on our Board of Elders many years ago and we elected him as our Chairman. He wasn’t cut out to be an organizer or project manager but would encourage us men in the Lord from his well-worn Bible at the beginning of each meeting and then pass the baton to our pastor who would lead the agenda.


Luke loved to sing! He was our Song Leader for many years. When I began leading in worship two decades ago after each service Luke would always have a kind word to say about the music no matter if it was about an old hymn we sang or new song he would cheer me on with his steadfast smile and encouragement. I remember taking my guitar to his home and having worship with he and his wife Lois as he was recuperating from an illness. I was there to be a blessing and instead received the blessing from him!

Despite being weak and frail at times he would still have Lois bring him to church but his outward man was perishing and so coming home with Lois from a doctor’s appointment the other day, right there in the passenger seat of their car he fell asleep and went to be with the Lord on the Highway to Heaven! What a way to go!

I will miss him dearly. I have the wonderful blessing of leading the assembled family and friends later this week at his memorial service and we’ll be singing three songs he chose for his homegoing: “Victory In Jesus”, “Blessed Assurance” & “Beyond the Sunset”. It will be a rich time of honoring and remembering a life well lived for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Luke is with the Lord! Victory in Jesus!

Do you know Jesus? Where would you go if you died today? You can know for sure!

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