Hand Me that Egg!


I wonder why the world created alternate realities when it came to celebrating the two most crucial events of the Christian faith? For the birth of Jesus the prime focus is on a jolly old elf in a red and white suit flying around with a sleigh filled with presents pulled by reindeer. Then we have colored eggs and rabbits no less, being the focus for when Jesus was sacrificed for the sins of the whole world! These are two amazing and crucial interventions into mankind by our Heavenly Father, and yet the true message and purpose is sometimes thrown in as an afterthought if thought of at all!

So let us put down those eggs and Easter bunnies for a moment and take a closer look at the upcoming celebration of the Son of God’s crucifixion. Most people believe there is a God to whom we will one day give an account. This truth is inherent to the human experience.

Those of us who are true to ourselves know that someday we will stand before the Judge of all the Earth to answer for the things done in our bodies whether they be good or bad. To your surprise there will be no scale that weighs out your good on one side compared to your bad on the other. There is no amount of good that a fallen creature can do to erase their sin from our all knowing, all seeing Heavenly Father.

When I was a boy in a one room school the day came for the class to have their polio shots. Me being a wimp and afraid of needles, I began crying that I didn’t want the shot which could prevent me from getting that awful disease. My twin brother saw me in my anguish and moved with empathy said, “I’ll take it for him!”

Yes, it ended up I had to take my medicine but there is an eternal lesson to be gleaned from this story. For you see, you and I have a fatal disease called sin and there is no cure outside of ourselves. There is no amount of good things which we can do to take away that disease. Someone else must step in with love, empathy and compassion to provide a way for our sins to be erased.

That someone was Jesus Christ and He did it on a cruel Roman Cross 2,000 years ago when He shed His blood and died for the sins of the world. Tomorrow we celebrate “Palm Sunday” which is the wonderful day when Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem and the crowds cried, “Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” Those shouts of praise would be turned into shouts of hate and cruelty within a few short hours as the crowd then asked for the release of Barabbas, a criminal, and for Jesus, the sinless Son of God they cried, “Crucify Him!”

It was all in God’s plan for our redemption and Jesus followed His course to a “T”. We will talk more about this great event in coming days as the grave could not hold Him and we’ll talk about what that means to our life in this world today.

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