Blessings Missed!

Hello lobochonicles readers! Blessings are certainly missed by our prayerlessness. Be blessed by the below devotional on prayer by my brother the truckstop evangelist.


Just the other day I got a call from a Driver who told me he wants to give God ten percent of his day…2.4 hours…the first part of the day. I was struck by his declaration because it brought back memories of when I was first saved and had the same idea and intent. One Godly preacher of old declared: “I’ll have to pray two extra hours this morning so I have enough time to get all the things accomplished the Lord has given me to do.” Another preacher has rightly said: “Prayer is the battle, the ministry is just the picking up of the spoils.” The time we spend in effectual fervent prayer the first thing in the morning preparing our day enables the Lord to go before us getting the victory as He answers each specific prayer. Then, all we have to do is “Pick up the spoils” for without Him “We can do NOTHING! (John 15:5). Yes, we must plan and pray as though each day might be the last day of our life, for it may well be so, Drivers!

Intimacy is the most necessary ingredient, so much so, that the Lord Jesus opened His heart rending impassioned prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane by first displaying this most important quality of prayer. He was and still is the Son of God! He could have begun with any declaration or request, but He opted for this very unique word “Abba” providing us with this most valuable example. Only those who have spent TIME with their Father know what intimacy is all about. When the Lord saved me I was 35yrs old. It was His great love for me as my “new” Father that produced my child-like love for Him. My earthly father was mostly non-existent throughout my life leaving a great void which I never realized until the Lord saved me. Now, He has given me everything that I missed, and so much more! And, I realize that He allowed it all for His glory and my good. What a marvelous and merciful heavenly Father!

When I experienced this intimacy with my “new” Father, immediately on that day, it drew me so close to Him that I began to devour His Word which gave me deliverance from the numerous addictions and habits that controlled my life for many years. My joy was unspeakable, but it was the love and immediate intimacy that drove me in my desire to obey Him and communicate with Him. I remember declaring: “Can you imagine, the God of Creation wants to speak to me?” This phone call from my trucker friend has reminded me of those days, and my great need to once again establish and maintain that great TIME of communion which I enjoyed when my days were begun with an intimate and extended TIME of communion with my Abba, Father through the precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is truly miraculous how God works through His people at just the right time and place! Divine Appointment Xtraordinaire!

I am thanking and praising the Lord for this timely reminder from a truly unexpected source. But, it is just how He has worked in my life throughout the three plus decades since He saved my soul way back in March of 1980. He has faithfully sent various messengers to direct my steps and keep me ‘Cranking’ on the straight and narrow time and time again, and, for that I am extremely thankful. He is in complete control, praise His holy and most precious Name! Now, Drivers, it is high time we spend TIME in the Holiest each morning so that we can declare with great joy: “Souls for Jesus” as our daily battle cry! TIME is the issue and the great need of the hour in order for us to enjoy the intimacy necessary to really know Him. Then, we can experience the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering being conformed into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, personal revival comes as we see Him moving among us, doing all of those seemingly impossible things that only He can do through The Effectual Fervent Prayer!

Chaplain LEWolfe I-85 Exit 35 SC ‘McPilot’ Stop in, and please pray for our ministry and REVIVAL in the USA…it begins with US!

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