You Can Trust It!

Bible Vs

Over my last four decades of living the Christian faith, I have found the most consistent argument leveled against my faith is when people attack the Bible. Can it be trusted? Is it accurate? Does it apply to today? How can we believe it since there are so many translations? These questions and more are on the minds of skeptics. First of all, we must realize what a miracle book the Bible is in the first place. The Bible is made up of 66 books, written over a period of 1,500 years, on different continents by 40 different authors. It was written by kings, peasants, fishermen, tax collectors, shepherds and more. It was written in different places,  Moses in the wilderness, Jeremiah in a dungeon, Daniel in a palace, Paul inside prison walls, Luke while traveling, John on an island and even in three different languages! And yet the Bible contains a consistent theme of the redemption of mankind. It does it by revealing to us in its pages the one and only true and living God, revealed to us through the person of Jesus Christ. This is a miracle!

Many have described the salvation theme as a scarlet thread that winds through the volume from front to back. How could God make all this happen? The answer is that God moved upon these men and by using their own intellect and in their own situation or setting He inspired them or led them what to write. The Apostle Peter said, “holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21 NKJV).

What about trusting it today? A lot of people say it is less trustworthy as time goes on and as the number of translations increase. I believe the opposite! When the Bible was first translated from the original writings there were enough, but not that many manuscripts were available. As time has proceeded and archeology findings have increased there are now hundreds more manuscripts which give us more confidence in what we believe than ever before. To put it another way, the Bible is stronger today than it has ever been. You can trust it!

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