Your Wilderness

Mountain RetiredI believe in a BIG God who created me, the world around me, the solar system in which I live and the millions of galaxies in our universe. Yes, I believe in a BIG God! SO.. if He could do all of that it’s not difficult to imagine He is capable of directing and managing the tiniest event or things which happen in my “little” world. Afterall, He is all powerful, all knowing and all present everywhere.

So where does God speak? Well, He’s God and He can speak from anywhere to those with listening ears, but is there a particular place or venue from which He is known to speak more clearly? We know He speaks clearly from his Word the Bible to those who take the time to read and meditate upon what they read, but putting the Bible aside for a moment, where historically has man heard from Him? You guessed it, in the mountains and in the wilderness! I can recall quickly many times recorded in the Scriptures where God spoke to His people sometimes literally or via the inner working of His Spirit, and more often than not it was…. in the wilderness!

Abraham took Isaac up on a mountain and heard distinctly from the Lord. Moses was on the backside of the desert in the wilderness and a bush became engulfed by flames and he heard the voice of the Lord calling to him. He heard again from the Lord on the top of a mountain in a “cleft of the rock”. Then you have Joshua’s encounter in the wilderness with the Angel of the Lord promising He would be with him. Followed by Jacob who wrestled with God for a blessing all alone in the wilderness. Where did David go when chased by King Saul? He found refuge in the caves and rocks of the wilderness where he heard from God and wrote many of the Psalms.

The prophet Elijah heard the “still small voice of the Lord” while hiding in a cave.  Even our Savior the Lord Jesus had to at times go apart from the busy work of ministry to get alone in the wilderness to pray and seek the face of His heavenly Father. So where do YOU go? . It might not be on the top of a mountain (picture attached) like where last week I experienced a clear voice of the Spirit calling out to me, but it could be a park, a lake, a nature trail or mountain bike ride but somewhere you can be alone to take time to stop, look and listen for Him. He will not disappoint you.

At the same time I’m not recommending you base your entire activity and relationship with the Lord by what you experience in the wilderness. I met a man this week who believed that all he needed was to experience God in nature which is a big mistake. There is no substitute for the weekly gathering of believers in a local assembly where there is corporate worship and teaching of the Word. But with the tentacles of social media all around you, with television, radio, smart phones and myriads of people, events and appointments screaming for your attention I recommend you find “Your Wilderness” and use an old acrostic for your pattern of communication with God. ACTS: A for Adoration of your great God. C for Confession of any sin the Spirit brings to your mind. T for Thanksgiving for all He has done for you. S for Supplication for requests you may want to ask of Him.

If you are wondering about my mountain top experience I was there to thank the Lord for all of His blessings on me and seek His face concerning my recent retirement. Upon arriving two young hikers approached me with  whom I ended up sharing my faith. Then an Indigo Bunting indigo_bunting_glamor flew by and began praising the Lord with his song. My phone began buzzing with texts from our 3 sons wishing me well in my retirement and then rang with a call from an old old friend bidding me the same. The voice of the Lord spoke quietly to my spirit saying “I am all around you, ministry is where you are, you are loved and supported by family and friends”. What more could I ask? See you in the wilderness!

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