The Quiet City

Re-blogged with minor updates.


Green Point2

Let me take you back to the community pictured above. Tucked between two mountains in the heartland of Pennsylvania is a little community called “Green Point”. Maybe I’m just a nostalgic guy but I would love to put myself back in those days when the world was a much simpler place. No interstate highways with cars and trucks racing back and forth across the land, no cell phones, no people staring mindlessly into their smart phones, no computers, no big chain stores. No Fed Ex! Are you with me? Could you go there? Oh yeah, I could go there. People would wave to you when passing on the street walking or driving. They would actually KNOW their neighbors by name and everything you needed was either on your property or within a short walking distance.

Take a long look at what you see in the picture. Among many things you…

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