My Top 10 Blogs!

Brian 2017

So far I have posted 191 Blogs since the summer of 2015. Since then there have been over 5,000 views of the various blogs I have posted. They have also reached over 50 foreign countries!

Some of my first blogs were about my life story and  how God eventually chased me down to a little cabin in upstate PA which you can read about starting with Bud’s Beginning.

Then I wrote about the infamous story of the Blue Eyed Six starting with Blue Eyed Six & The Faith – Chp.1 (Israel Brandt).

After that I began a VERY popular series about the life of my wonderful grandmother Margaret Anspach starting with Grandma’s Diary.

The balance of my blogs have a focus on spiritual life and growth. I counted up the views of these faith building blogs and list below the “Top Ten” most popular ones. Maybe you didn’t see these so I am listing them here with easy links for you to access if interested.

NUMBER 1 with 138 views: The Quiet City

NUMBER 2 with 99 viesw: The Invisible Hand

NUMBER 3 with 87 views: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

NUMBER 4 with 57 views: Why Me Lord?

NUMBER 5 with 55 views: The Lost Gospel

NUMBER 6 with 45 views: No Bible No Breakfast!

NUMBER 7 with 44 views: A Simple Invite!

NUMBER 8 with 43 views: Feed the White Dog!

NUMBER 9 with 37 views: My B-I-B-L-E

NUMBER 10 with 34 views: The 5th Commandment

You can also see the entire list of blogs at New Blog Index

Happy reading and may you be blessed!

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