The 5th Commandment

I reblog this story in honor of my father Warren A. Wolfe. Happy Father’s Day Dad!


Mom n Dad

As a blogger writing about things that happen to me or around me on life’s pathways it ends up my life is an open book. I’m ok with that, because the things that happen daily and even those from my past produce life lessons which, when shared, can be an encouragement to my readers. So today I write about my father. If you have read my life story in my series of blogs started back on August 4th about “Bud” then you might remember what I shared about my father which was not very flattering to say the least, though it was true. It’s just that there was much more to his story as with everyone. So I’d like to share a portion of his story and draw from it a lesson or two.

See Bud’s Beginning at:

A heartwarming part of the story is that my mom and…

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