God Knows!

Snoopy Hug

Can you predict with certainty who will win the World Series or Superbowl this year? God knows. Do you know who will be our next president? God knows. Do you know what the stock market will do today tomorrow or next year? God knows. Do you know when earth will complete it’s last day? God knows.

Do you know when will be YOUR last day on this earth? Yes, God knows that too! God knows our beginning and our end. He knows we are frail human beings whose life can last but moments or even seven decades or longer! God knows everything about us and that is why He put a plan in place that would just knock our socks off when we stop to consider it! We are His highest and most loved creation, for He created us alone in His image. No other living thing was created in His image so when our first parents marred that image with sin, God was already ready with His remedy. He loved us that much!

So rather than writing it across the sky He planted His love message into the hearts of prophets, who were fallen men that would be moved by God’s Spirit to write down His message to His own special people the nation of Israel. These prophets began writing in the Bible hundreds of years ahead of time, and His message was revealed in the fullness of time. Then the time clock of earth came to a stop and started all over again on the day of Jesus birth and there is NO one else on earth for which that happened! Jesus the Christ came to earth and fulfilled hundreds of prophecies written hundreds of years in advance! How could that happen? Only God could pull it off.

And guess what? It was all done for YOU! For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

Sure, I could try and guess who will win the World Series or Superbowl or even who might be our next president. But I don’t want to guess about my eternity. God knows I’m His because I turned from my sins and surrendered my life to Him. I was saved, born again, and all the guess work is gone. I am His and He is mine! God knows. Do you know?

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