Bud’s Decision and Destiny

Today is my Spiritual Birthday! It was 42 years ago today that I finally received the gift of Eternal Life from my Savior Jesus Christ! The last chapter of that story is below.

Brian & JoJo2


We now come to the climax of Bud’s chronicles. It is a wonderful thing to know that there is a Master Craftsman with an invisible hand working behind the scenes of every human creature on earth. A loving Heavenly Father yearns for relationship and fellowship with His creation. A Master Strategist sends and allows circumstances and events to guide them and as it were like a magnet pulling but ultimately leaving the decision for true relationship, for that final step of faith in the hands of the created one.

It was the spring of the year when men often seek the Author of Life on the occasion of celebrating Easter that Bud and Sweetie knew from somewhere deep in their parental core that their young sons needed to be exposed to the teaching of God’s Word. So they dressed up in their Sunday best and drove to the closest church…

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