Three Darryls

As many of my readers know, my brother, Evangelist Larry E. Wolfe recently went to be with His Lord. During his 7 year ministry at the I-85 Pilot Truck Stop in SC he published a daily devotional and had many opportunities to share Christ with others. Sometimes in his daily devotional he would share about these encounters. Here is one of them from December 19, 2018:

“Though gone from among us he still speaks!”

Larry Van

In the last week or so, The Lord has sent three men my way with the same name, Darryl. The first was a homeless man who was parked where I park our Mobile Chapel in the car lot. When the van was out for repairs on the carburetor a few weeks ago I lost my normal parking spot where I can view the whole Truck lot. So, when I returned, Darryl was in my spot, but instead of me having to get out and convince him that he needs to move, he immediately pulled out allowing me to park.

When I went over to thank him I found out that he had been here three years ago, so he knew my M.O., i.e. Modus Operandi, saying to me, when I introduced myself, handing him a prayer card/tract: I know you, I was here three years ago, so, I began praying for Darryl again, that he might come to know The Lord!

The second Darryl is a Driver I met just met a few days ago in McD’s. He sat down across from me and his table was dirty. So, I commented on the table’s condition, smiling, and he agreed, then, asked me: Where are you Chaplain? And I responded: Right here, are you a Driver? He said: Yes, so I said: You are one of my victims, laughing, and that led to more conversation and him telling me that he was a 7th Day Adventist. He signed up for The Daily Devotional and also took our prayer card, so please pray for Darryl number two.

Darryl number three knocked on our front door yesterday as I was working on the computer, checking mail, news, weather, writing a message etc. He was looking right at me for the sun was shining brightly, on a very warm December day. He was holding a notebook and at first I though he might be peddling some kind of religion for we have all different kinds of people coming to our door here in The SC Bible Belt, for we have numerous Bible Schools, Institutes, Colleges and Universities, not to mention “A Church on every corner.”

I got up out of my recliner, set aside the computer, and when he saw me he smiled broadly and I handed him our prayer card after he gave me his business card which showed some kind of funeral insurance. He was looking for the woman next door who was not responding to his calls for she had requested him to come over. Well, the third Darryl knew The Lord telling me how his older brother led him to The Lord when he was just sixteen!

The Lord did all this to open up a number of ministry opportunities for me and to bless those who received His Word. But, He also reminded me how my older brother was very instrumental in my salvation as he told me, in 1972, “If you have any questions about God, read The Gospel of John” and read The Gospel of John I did. Eight years later, being desperate and suicidal, I read The Gospel of John, on March 7, 1980, from the Bible my wife gave me in 1973 seven years before, which I never touched until that day!

Her sister led her to the Lord almost eleven years before that in 1969, and she is the lady I asked you all to pray for a few days ago. She does not have long on this planet, but, will soon go home to be with her Lord in Heaven, for death is but A Doorway into Glory. Jesus said: “He that believes on Me shall never die” (John 11:36)! She was the one who initiated The Gospel’s power into our family for my wife called her when our marriage was on the rocks, seeing her sister’s marriage was prospering. She explained to my wife on the telephone how to be saved!

Yes, Drivers, The Lord used all of these people and then, He visited our little Mom and Pop grocery store, north of Harrisburg, in the mountains of PA, and gloriously saved my soul, after reading almost fifteen chapters of The Gospel of John, God spoke to my heart, saying: “Greater love has no man than this, that A Man lay down His Life for His friends.” (John 15:13)

All of these very significant people He put in my path in a marvelous network of events. And, think about it, you just might be the one who needs to give a tract or open your mouth and witness for The Lord, becoming a very significant person in the life of that one you encounter today as you roll down the road! “Souls for Jesus” must be our continuing battle cry, as we become more like Jesus: “Who came to seek and to save those who are lost!!”

By Rev. Larry Wolfe now with the Lord since February 10, 2019.

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