The Miracles Continue!

Pooch Pet Scan
Pooch’s Pet-Scans from April and then in July

I’m writing to update you on my brother Pooch’s progress in his battle with melanoma cancer. As the title of this blog and the above pictures indicate the miracles continue! Pooch’s recovery is just miraculous! My cousin who is an RN who treats melanoma patients in another major Pennsylvania hospital told me it was amazing that his doctors put Pooch in the immunotherapy program in the first place, as they normally don’t treat patients of his advanced age with this new treatment. But the Lord had other plans and through the prayers of thousands of God’s people he began this arduous treatment regimen just four months ago, which included FOUR infusions of two different drugs and it wasn’t likely that he would be able to withstand the serious side effects and make it all the way to treatment number four. But Pooch plugged away through all four treatments.

He had some deep and dark valleys to cross but with superhuman effort, a showering of God’s grace, plus continued prayers he made it all the way through. What you see in the above picture is his set of Pet-Scans. On the left is the scan from April showing all of the black dots and blotches indicating all of the tumors he had in his body at that time. The right side picture, which was taken in July shows NO tumors! Praise God! He called me last night and said his doctor told him he couldn’t find any tumors!

His treatment continues which will be just one drug at a time and he still has some side effects to deal with from time to time and so he needs our continued support and prayers but he is back to being active, driving his backhoe pulling logs out of the mountain and working again on his 37 Ford Truck restoration project!

Pooch n Guys
Left to Right: Pooch, Mark, Fred, Bruce, Daniel, Matthew

On his and Thelma’s behalf, thank you So much for your hundreds of cards and notes, phone calls and prayers during this faith stretching time. Please keep it up!

O God who hears our prayers to You all flesh will come. (Psalm 65:2)

Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy! I look to you for protection. I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until the danger passes by. I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me. (Psalm 57:1,2)

O God, we praise and thank you for your great love for us. We know we dwell in a sin cursed world and even the saints are not exempt from the ravages of disease which beset all of mankind. And yet O Lord You tell us to pray, You tell us to ask, You tell us to seek and to knock so that You may show Yourself strong on our behalf and reward us with answered prayers. That we have done on behalf of our beloved brother Pooch, and Your grace and the prayers of the Saints have availed much on his behalf! Please accept a chorus of praises and thanksgiving for Your work of healing in our brother’s body and life. We know he wants to continue to serve you, to witness for our Lord Jesus to those he meets and so accept our continued prayers that Your work and will be done. We give YOU all the glory. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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