Grandma’s Sundays

Grandma Church
Grandma on a typical Sunday

My grandmother Margaret Anspach was an amazing person. To grandma, Sunday was a very special day. It was a day to worship her Savior, to deepen her faith through the faithful teaching of the Bible, and to serve her family and friends. Early in her marriage she was not allowed by her husband Clarence to attend church nor to even purchase a Bible! But over the years her deep faith began to wear Clarence down and eventually she began sending her children to attend the church of God which was just up the street from where she lived. But grandma’s heart was in the Emmanuel Methodist church about a mile down the road beside Memorial Lake because that was where her grandparents took her to church as a little girl, and where she likely put her faith in Jesus for the very first time.

So in answer to her prayers, she and her children eventually began attending the Methodist church, and even Pop (her husband) would go along from time to time! That was a miracle! It was all because of her consistent faith filled life, her unconditional love and her Godly example of service to others that transformed her family. Here are some excerpts from her diarys in the years 1970-1971 describing the events of a typical Sunday.

1970 Jan 4, Sunday, Cold, Sunny, 8 degrees

I arose early at 6. I filled the turkey and put it in the oven. I went to church with John and kids. Laura didn’t go she felt sick all week.  We had election of SS officers. Rev Zim preached a good sermon. John taught the (Sunday School) lesson. John, Laura & kids and Snack Marion & Cindy & Minnie were here for dinner. The turkey was delicious. Snack & Jeanne took a plate of food up to Pop. Snack took Pop to the hospital to see Mom. Minnie, Jeanne & Cindy & Joey played a game called Scribbage. John & Eddie slept awhile. Later on Laura & Minnie & I played Scribbage. Irene was here awhile. Fred & Stevie were at a movie with Brian & Joanne. It was a good day. Guests stayed until 8:30.

LOBO Comment: It was a frigid day at 8 degrees! But nothing would hinder grandma and her family to attend church! It wasn’t Thanksgiving but nevertheless a turkey was prepared for all the “guests” to enjoy. Food was taken up to Great Grandpa Anspach (his wife being in the hospital), games were played, naps were taken and much family fellowship was enjoyed by all!

Here’s another interesting Sunday Diary entry from the year 1971.

1971 Jan 17, Sunday cold 12 degrees

I went to Sunday School with John and family. Rev Epler preached very well. We had an altar call. John taught the (Sunday School) lesson. Minnie came over for Sunday School also had dinner with me then we went to Totty and Jack’s place. Totty fixed a pair of slacks for Minnie. We went up to Pop for the wash then up to Laura and John. We saw a little poodle near the air strip so we picked it up. Later a lady Mrs. Cunningham came for it.

LOBO Comment: Grandma attended church faithfully and the fact she mentioned her pastor gave an “altar call” is significant as she knew that was where and when people often make decisions for the Lord after the powerful preaching of the Word of God. She even rescued a lost poodle and returned it to it’s owner!

Here’s another 1971 entry:

Jan 24, Sunday, Snow clearing and sunny 30 degrees

Stevie and I went to Sunday School with Minnie. Rev Epler’s sermon was on the church that may come. I didn’t understand it too much. I made Minnie’s turkey today. Snack, Marion, Cindy, Minnie, Bruce, Jack & Tottie & kids, Stevie & Fred were here. It was a happy dinner. Irene had to work. Jack, Fred & Johnny went sledding. Carol & Iris came over and Tottie showed Carol how to finish her scarf and showed her how to knit a tam. Carol was really delighted. Butch Feaser was here. John came about 6 for pie and tea. It was a very nice Sunday.

LOBO Comment: From morning until night this was a typical Sunday at Grandma’s house with no less than SIXTEEN visitors and complete with a turkey dinner and a craft lesson. Her comment was not, “I’m totally beat from serving all day” but was instead “It was a very nice Sunday!” A sign of her eternal unconditional love and a mirror of the love of Jesus in her heart.

Finally a fairly balmy Sunday entry in February:

Feb 28 Sunday, Fair 40 degrees

Stevie was very sleepy. Minnie & Fred came. We went to church together. Boy Scouts were in church. Rev Epler had a good sermon, Verna taught the lesson. Irene, Minnie, Stevie & Fred were here for dinner. Minnie was sewing on a crewel picture. Annie Swisher came to get her chair at Pops. Irene, Stevie & I went to Campbelltown to see Brian & Joanne’s new home. Eric is very cute!

LOBO Comment: Grandma’s house was a hub of family activity. If you were in the area you just stopped in. It would have been an offense not to! Another activity on Sundays was to go visiting relatives and friends as in this entry when my mother Irene and youngest brother Steven came with grandma to visit my wife and me in our new appartment along with our 4 month old son Eric!

Grandma's Chair
Grandma’s favorite seat on her front porch

What a life! What an example! What a love! You know, that’s exactly what grandma would say about her Savior with whom she is now spending her eternity since she went to be with Him on August 12, 1989. Do you know Jesus? Grandma would love for you to take that step of faith to know Him in a personal way. Really she would.

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