WordPress, the provider of my blog page, creates a statistics page for me to see how many people are reading my blogs since I started blogging back on July 4th of 2015. So far here’s the data on my 144 blogs:

2015: Breaks down to 1,794 in the USA and 107 views in 31 other countries. The most popular blog was Grandma said, Give Thanks!

2016: Breaks down to 2,681 in the USA and 244 views in 46 other countries! The most popular blog so far in 2016 is The Invisible Hand

2017: So far breaks down to 406 views in the USA and 5 from other countries.

I continue to see that people from all over the world are reading my material and so I want to give a big US welcome to my readers all around the world!

I thought maybe someone was searching on the term “lobo” which is Spanish for wolf and that is how you may have stumbled upon me. But then only a few of the countries listed are Spanish-speaking so there must be other reasons or ways to find blogs on the world-wide web. Maybe you are seeking something more important than just reading material, and that is maybe you are searching for the way of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. I hope that is the case!

With America, many believe we are a “Christian Nation” and that we are all believers or Christians here, but that belief couldn’t be further from reality. You see, just because a person is born in a country which was founded by Christians doesn’t make that person a Christian. Nor does being born in a family which has Christian parents automatically make the children Christians! We have a saying here, “God has no grandchildren only children”. If you are a believer in Jesus then you are a child of God, not a grandchild. Let me explain further by using the Bible where there is a story about Jesus meeting a very religious man whose name was Nicodemus. He was a Pharisee and leader of the Jewish religious system. Kind of like a priest. Certainly this man was a child of God right? Let’s see what Jesus said to him.

From the Bible in John chapter three verses 1-8: There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and said to Him, “Rabbi, we know that You are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him.” Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?”  Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

What Jesus was saying is that even though a person may be “religious” they still need to be “born again” or have a “spiritual birth” by following the plan of salvation in the Word of God the Bible. When a person realizes that Jesus died on the Cross for their sins and turns in repentance to Jesus for forgiveness, that person is cleansed by the “Water of the Word of God” and the “Holy Spirit” creates a “New Life” within them. This is not a physical birth but a Spiritual birth. You can’t see it, just like you can’t see the wind but you can see the effects of it in a changed life, for “If any man be in Christ he is a new creation.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

If you would like a more complete description of the Plan of Salvation go to my blog  Guaranteed Reservation in Heaven!

If you would like to read my personal life story of how God searched for me and tracked me down to a little cabin in the mountains, then read the “Bud’s Story” series which is a total of 5 blogs beginning with Bud’s Beginning

Finally, If you would like a Bible reading plan that will help you in your daily worship and walk with the Lord then go to my blog  The “Plus 30” Plan

I pray that my God and Savior will bless you richly in your search for Him and I hope to meet you one day on the other side! Lobo

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you Brian. God has blessed you with a gift of writing and singing. Love reading your blogs. Keep doing what God has called you to do. God bless you and your family.


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