A Few Good Men (and Women)

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful spiritual heritage. My oldest known ancestors were persons of Faith and that Faith, as a rich mountain spring, trickled down through the succeeding generations to me. It was still up to me to place my own Faith in Jesus, but the fact that I had examples to follow made a huge difference in my life. I saw not only an example of true Faith in these Saints, on both sides of my family, but also one of Faithful Service to their Maker, which is what I want to address here.

The fact is, we ALL are responsible to serve our Maker in some way. First of all, we are all blessed beyond measure with spiritual blessings (Grace, Forgiveness, Faith, Salvation, Power, Sustenance, etc.) AND spiritual gifts which God has ordained that we use to bless others and further the Kingdom of God during our lifetimes.

But unfortunately, in this day and age, the serving is often left to the “dusty half dozen” or so of Saints to do all the work! Sure there are those who are called to fulfill prominent positions of Pastoring and Preaching to the Saints and thank God for them who answer that call. But the “work of the ministry” also involves hundreds of others doing the myriad of things which honor God and bless others and therefore help build the Kingdom of God.

My Great Great Grandparents David and Rebecca Miller were “Sextons” which today could be called Deacons in their church. They lived just a few minutes walk from their church and faithfully opened the church on Sunday mornings. Then they would make sure the wood stove was burning and supplied with wood, and place a fresh cup of water on the podium for the preacher. They instilled that example of humble servanthood into my Grandmother Margaret who lived with them, and she carried that example with her, passing it on to her own children in later years.

When King David was looking for people to help build and maintain the first Temple he looked for “Capable Men” and he found them (1Chronicles chp. 26). Webster says being capable is “having attributes (such as physical or mental power) required for performance or accomplishment”. Surprise! You are capable! At something! Ask God to help you determine what you can do to help build the Kingdom of God and then begin to serve!

I’m sure your Pastor would welcome your inquiry of what could you do to help in the ministry (that is after he recovers from fainting :). Ha! The physical church building and property always must be maintained. Singers are needed in Choirs and Praise Teams. Ushers and Greeters are needed. Childcare workers and Teachers for young and old alike are critical to the work of the minstry. People gifted to play instruments are needed. Unfortunately, these and many more places of service are going UN-filled, which will lead to an ineffective or even a dying ministry.

I’m sure many of you are already doing your part. Don’t stop or be weary in well-doing, a rich reward awaits even what you may think is a most insignificant effort. If you are not serving, then start making a difference today. Your generation and those to follow you will someday thank you!

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