Pooch 2017 Update

Jan 2017-Pooch getting ready to help his son Matt pull the engine in Matt’s old Dodge truck.

Hi Folks! For those who have been praying for my brother Pooch (Warren) Wolfe and have been following my updates, it’s been a long while (last August) since I provided an update on his condition. To do a quick review, he came down with Melanoma Cancer last April. Tumors had spread all through his vital organs because of a cancerous growth on his scalp. Because of his 35 year career as a lineman for Met Ed working outside in the sun for all those years, he had been very faithful going to the dermatologist and had many such growths taken off but this particular one they said looked fine and left it go! Well, so much for that! While volunteering in a missionary facility last winter he got very sick and they thought he had contracted pneumonia but the source of the problem was actually the tumors in his lungs from the Melanoma.

Fast forward to July after he completed an aggressive and radical 3 month treatment called “Immunotherapy” at the Hershey Medical Center and his body was declared “cancer free”. He definitely got a miracle! See CAT Scan pictures below of before and after once the therapy had done it’s “healing” work! All of those black dots in the left picture are tumors!

Pooch Pet Scan

With the tumors gone he and his wife Thelma thought they were in the clear but that wasn’t the rest of the story! Have you seen those drug commercials on TV where they promise amazing healing results and then at the end of the commercial they list in soft tones (and very quickly) all of the side effects that the healing drug may bring, even death? Well, that is exactly what Pooch experienced except the death part!

The tumors were gone but the drugs then began an incessant and aggressive attack on his digestive system. To put it plainly, the healing drugs almost killed him! With no appetite, nausea, colitis, constipation, weakness, on and on and back and forth it went all summer and fall. He dropped around 40 pounds of weight including most of his muscle mass. He even fell during that time and had to get 4 stitches to close a gash in his eye brow!

But because of his strong fighting will, his strong faith, and through the incredible care of his loving wife Thelma (who Pooch credits to keeping him alive) and through the thousands of prayers of his family, plus a family of believers around the globe he is alive today and praising his Savior for it! He has gained back 10 pounds of the lost weight and is getting back to being active. The picture at the top of this article (and below) is of him working on a new project helping his son Matt with his antique Dodge truck.


Finally, here is an update we just received from his wife Thelma. Keep the prayers coming!


Family and Friends:  After several months of nasty symptoms from the cancer treatments, they finally subsided and the month of December was enjoyable.  His appetite returned and he is working on gaining back the 40 pounds he lost and the muscle mass, as well.  This week he had a clean reading of his PET Scan and the cancer doctor only wants to see him in three months for surveillance.  Many prayers were answered as we faced daily challenges and we thank everyone for your prayer support.  The LORD is good always.   – Thelma
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