Trees and Me

tree path

When I was very young I had an affinity for trees. They lined my paths, they were mysterious, something to climb to see far off views in the distance. They were living jungle gyms where secret treasures could be found among their leaves and needles.

tree (picture by Artist Aaron Pocock)

They were hideouts where a boy could sneak beneath their branches away from weather or wind or to climb up and up into make-believe places far away from the human struggles in which I lived.

sunset tree

God made trees and every year within their bark they show a ring of life. Rings which record history over decades, waiting over scores of time patiently standing in the same place, never moving to the right or left but reaching ever higher, wider and bearing fruit which is of course their ultimate purpose. As God said…

tree flowers

“See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food. (Gen. 1:29)

christmas tree 1

We love trees. We adorn them with lights and from time to time God provides his own decorations!


xmas tree 2012

We bring trees into our homes as we celebrate the birth of the Savior of the World.


We adore and even worship the kaleidoscope of colors which trees provide streaming across mountain ranges and lining our yards, lakes and streets!

The birds and other creatures of the forest find sustenance and shelter in the branches and trunks of trees….. so is it any wonder that the God of the universe who created all trees would take a lonely tree, and show his maximum display of love for his highest creation, you and me, by displaying his One and Only Son there? Yes, on a tree, on a hill called Calvary, through a Savior named Jesus, I found salvation. Yes, I’m proud to admit I love Jesus…. and trees!

tree cross

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2 thoughts on “Trees and Me

  1. Great story and might be a way to draw all tree-hubbers/commie-libs and other assorted wackos who also love trees with a different passion. Did you know the first tree-hugger to occupy The White House was Teddy Roosevelt who began the yuuuuge tree hugger movementwell over a century ago?

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