I was going through my bookshelf when I came across a book published in 1946 which my pastor had given me that was being purged from the church library. The title was “I Was Born Again” compiled by a Norman A Wingert. It contained scores of testimonies of people, some famous others not, and how they came to trust Jesus as their Savior. I’ll be publishing some of these in the hopes that they will be as much of a blessing to you as they have been to me!

A pastor tells this story.

Frank _____ had been a member of the church which I served for about fifteen years. During a large part of that time he had served as secretary of the Sunday School and pianist for the church. He was very loyal. Rain or shine I could depend on him for both morning and evening services, and no one listened to the Scripture expositions more attentively than he. The more earnest and evangelistic the messages were, the more appreciative he seemed to be.

But somehow I felt that something was wrong inside. One rainy evening I called at the home. That evening I asked him bluntly, “Frank, are you a Christian?” “No, I cannot say that I am,” he replied. “Why not are you a Christian?” I asked. Revealingly he countered, “Well pastor, I wish you could tell me!” I referred him to John 1:13 and 14 and asked him, “Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God; that He became a man; that He died not only for the sins of the world but for your sins?”

He answered, “I believe all of these things.” “Have you ever confessed your sins and received Him as your Savior?”

“Yes,” he replied, on two or three occasions I said to the Lord, ‘Take me as I am; I accept You as my Savior from sin.’ But nothing happened.”

He had evidently been looking for some immediate feeling of ecstasy of joy or other manifestation. I said to him, “Frank, do you know what is your trouble? You do not believe God. Although you have fulfilled the requirements for salvation mentioned in these verses, you do not believe that God is ready, now, to give you the right to become His son, and you are not ready to claim your right. In other words, you do not believe that while you are doing your part, God is doing His.”

He looked at me for a moment, tears welling up in his eyes. “I never saw it that way before,” he said. “Is it as simple as that?” We knelt in prayer and poured out our hearts in thanksgiving for the utter simplicity of the way of salvation.

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The next testimony is about how a Hollywood “Starlet” came to know Jesus!

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