Grandma Remembers!



Another year rolls by and with time the years seem to roll forward at increasing speed. Babies are born, knees are skinned, fenders bent, vows are made, clocks are punched, taxes paid, prescriptions filled. Then one day someone calls you Gramps or Me-Maw and there’s a shorter distance to the end than the beginning, but it’s all good and good to remember and to think back.

One day my Grandma contemplated about her storied life. She was married as a young teenager, to a strapping lantern jawed young man who would demonstrate what it was like to live on the wild side so to speak, and it wasn’t always fun. He ruled like a dictator and his word was the end of the story. When he said jump you jumped, and didn’t ask how high but jumped with all your might. Thinking back about her life she once said, “You…

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