Grandma said, Give Thanks!

These thoughts are fresh since we just celebrated our 2016 Thanksgiving.



Tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving which for me, is the most treasured family memory I can recall as a child. Not Christmas, not my birthday, not summer vacation, but Thanksgiving! Growing up, when Thanksgiving came around my mom always made sure we got to Grandma’s house! Have you noticed in the media when they report on all the people travelling home for the holiday they always refer to the destination as “getting to Grandma’s house”? That’s pretty interesting!

I’m told by my Uncle Snack that they didn’t always have Thanksgiving because they just couldn’t afford it. But Grandma wasn’t happy about that and so she did odd jobs in the neighborhood, mostly cleaning for others or helping a neighboring farmer butcher, and she saved her nickels and dimes and dollars and one year proudly announced, “We’re having Thanksgiving and I’m buying a turkey!” And so the tradition began. All of…

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