A Teen Shares the Gospel!

I have been teaching the Bible lesson to the kids in Vacation Bible School this week and one of my assistants, along with my wife JoJo, is a young Preacher Boy named Chris Smith. Chris is only 16 and has a burden for sharing the Gospel with those who need to hear it. He recently preached a salvation message in our churches youth talent competition. He asked if I would consider publishing one of his messages on my blog so he could start to use “social media” to preach the Gospel! Of course I agreed and below is Chris’s picture I took tonight along with his message. We all need to have the passion for getting out the Gospel that Chris does!

Chris Smith2

See life is so short and a lot of people don’t seem to realize that! How I see it, Life is short. But you see there is something we don’t know. Meaning all of us, All of us don’t know when we will die. See we can die at this very moment. Or maybe we can die the next hour, minute, day and month. See we dont know when we will die and thats the scary thing! But if you were to die tonight where would you go? You might be confused on what I mean by that! Well what I mean by that is where are you going after you die? Cause if you think about it for a while. We are just in a body, We have a soul. Every human has a soul. But when you die right, where is your soul going?

Some people believe that they go in another animal, some people believe in the darkness and some people believe that a soul goes no where! But let me tell you something, A soul goes somewhere for an eternity. Meaning forever. You see There is two places that a soul can go to. They can go to 1 or 2 places. Heaven or Hell. So let me ask you the question again. “When you die where are you going?” Are you going to Heaven or Hell? Maybe you dont know where you are going. Or maybe you want to know. Maybe your thinking you dont know where your going but you want to go to heaven! “But how Chris, How can you be certain that your going to heaven or know that your going to heaven?” Well let me tell you the gospel. This is it, please it’s not religion just listen to this relationship thats offered to you!

Listen we all were once born as any other baby. We grew up in our lives and eventually we did something wrong, or did something bad. That something is called Sin. See the bible states this very clearly “That we are all born sinners.” See we were born and we are going to sin. Or in other words we are going to do wrong everyday. And since we are born sinners we are separated from a holy God. See if we were not sinners then we would be perfect and not make one mistake on this world and we would not be separated from God we would be with him! But God saw you, he created you. And when he created you he knew that you were going to sin. He made everyone in fact and he knows that everyone will sin.

So I’m about to tell you some news some bad and some good news! The bad news is, that same sin in us will bring us to hell. That sin thats inside you will bring you to hell. And in hell there is torment, suffering, fear and etc. But there is some amazing news that i got to tell you. There was this baby named Jesus. And Jesus lived perfectly a non sinless Jesus. And that sin thats inside of us Jesus paid for it. See he took your place on the cross so that you can go to heaven with him. He took your place and paid the penalty for sin so that you dont need to go to hell. So that you can go to heaven! That is the good news that Jesus came on this earth and died on the cross for our sin to make a way for us to get to heaven! And that was the only way! You might be thinking “Chris I want to go to heaven and meet Jesus but how?” Well all you got to do is give him your life and he promises he will save you. Because I gave my life to him and he has saved me and he can save you too. But all you got to do is believe in Jesus and give him your life and he will allow you to go to heaven with him!

For more information on making a reservation to Heaven see: Guaranteed Reservation in Heaven!

In the coming days you can check out Chris’s new blog evangelist862.wordpress.com on which he is just now starting to publish his messages.



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