Hello Friends, The other day I wrote a blog entitled Once Upon A Time and the lessons I shared have come home to roost in my own life. The summary portion of that blog said:

“Can we just admit there is a MUCH higher Sovereign Power to Whom we are all tied? [when things happen] We make a great mistake when we run the other direction away from Him. RUN TO HIM for the other direction is a much much darker place! You might not understand it all, but just RUN TO HIM and your “Once Upon A Time” story will give “God the Glory” and that is the ending for which we were made.”

Well, in recent days our family received the news that my oldest brother Warren (better known to us as “Pooch”) was discovered to have Melanoma Cancer. Pooch has had a tremendous impact on our family. He led me to the lord back in 1975. He led our family when our dad left us and he has been the Rock of Gibraltar in our family in a million ways. The lives he has touched and the reverberations of his life and testimony are huge for the Kingdom of God.

It is very early in his diagnosis and the plan for treatment is just now being created. Our family would greatly appreciate your prayers for Pooch and his dear wife Thelma plus for their two sons, their daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. The waters will be deep and so let us all RUN TO THE LORD JESUS with our prayers on their behalf for healing and for strength and wisdom for those who will minister to him in the coming critical days.

I close with Thelma’s comment in her initial message to us all:

“We are resting in the arms of Jesus. Your prayers are appreciated.”


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